Anyone using Magento 2 with EasyEngine?


Is there anyone running Magento 2 with EasyEngine?

If yes, can you please share your experience in terms fos speed and performance and also what special custom changes where needed in order to make Magento 2 to work with EasyEngine?


Hello mikeslv,
yes I’m using Magento 2 with EasyEngine and redis for the session and full page caching, and yes the loading speed is really good.

Hi @virtubox

The performance of your store seems great! Did you had to make changes on the nginx default configuration file in order to make EasyEngine to properly work with Magento 2?

If yes, do you mind sharing?


You have to use the most part of the nginx.conf.sample available in the magento archive, but to adapt it with easyengine because it doesn’t use the same variable. For example EE use “fastcgi_pass php7”. I’m writing an article about that and it will be available at

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Looking forward to read your article about Easyengine + Magento 2. When it’s ready, please inform me.


@mikeslv the article is now available : Feel free to tell me if there are any errors in my post.

I recommend a different stack for Magento;


Thanks for the post! Will try in the next days.

Thanks for the suggestion! Will also try and compare with @virtubox setup using EasyEngine.

Do you @tininho are already using the MagenX stack. If yes, is it really good? Are there any main bugs or problems?


Excellent article! - Finally make it work but the js / css and images are not working:

magento2/version1488527879/_requirejs/adminhtml/Magento/backend/en_US/requirejs-config.js – 404

Any ideas?

Not sure about to mod in the DB but solve this solve my issue:

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I will try this solution and add it to my article if that solve properly the issue with the styles

I have updated my article and added the solution from to fix the issue with static content. The tutorial should be easier to follow with only a single configuration file to upload.

hey @virtubox, thanks for the article! Going over it I just got the error below on nginx -t config.

nginx: [emerg] "root" directive is duplicate in /var/www/
nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test failed 

I went to check and “it is” duplicate. There’s one directive at the root of the file and others inside the setup and update location blocks, so I guess it isn’t really duplicate.

I tried just to ignore it but the setup doesn’t load so I guess I can’t just go around ignoring failed nginx configuration files, right? =)

Hello, can you show me your vhost configuration ?

Here you go @virtubox :

The first file is at /etc/nginx/sites-available/ and the second at /var/www/

You have a doublon : remove root /var/www/; in sites-available

I commented that line and now I got a nginx: [emerg] unknown "mage_mode" variable. That supposedly is being passed on the /var/www/ file as a fastcgi param.

Ah yes, just add set $MAGE_MODE production; before the fastcgi_param MAGE_MODE $MAGE_MODE;

Last step:

Thanks a lot @virtubox! Now moving on to Magento setup, payment gateways, etc!

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