After a server upgrade, best practices?

We’re upgrading our server to have more CPU, RAM and disk space.

The EE homepage says: Config Optimization, Automatically tweaks server configuration as per available hardware resources.

What does rtCamp suggest we change after upgrading the server?

I found this post on the issue, from over a year ago. Is that answer still correct and complete?



you can setup config values as per the post you mentioned.

The link : seems dead already

I did an ab test on 800mhz/1GB cloud SSD server and it handled approx. 280requests/second with SSL on.

Then I upgraded my server to 1.6Ghz/2GB but the ab bench was the same.

This happened on 3.5.3 (latest), so I am worried if EE is properly understanding the server changes automatically. Perhaps a specific command to reconfig server would be nice!


Japanese WordPress partner company has released KUSANAGI, a sort of EasyEngine like system to setup ultra fast WordPress environment on CentOS.

This KUSANAGI has a simple command “kusanagi configure” which is used when server spec has been changed. EE has a function “ee sync”, but I’m not sure it that’s the right command…