502 Bad Gateway when accessing 22222 Pages


This is on a new EE install. I actually reinstalled a fresh copy to try to fix it.

I ran the ee installer, and then ee site create blah.com --wpredis --php7

WP site works great, but cannot access any of the 22222 pages (phpmyadmin and adminer, etc. give 502 error).

Thanks for any help.

Broken phpmyadmin with Easy Engine + php7 on Ubuntu 16.04

Got it fixed by editing “/etc/nginx/sites-available/22222”.

Removed all locations entries and added:

include  common/php7.conf;
include common/locations-php7.conf;
include /var/www/22222/conf/nginx/*.conf;

locations-php7.conf does already contain the location entries for addons such as adminer. Hopefully this can be fixed in the future. 22222 needs to be corrected when ee is installed with php7.



@derektm thanks for leading me in the right direction. When accessing phpmyadmin this works for me…

comment out these two locations in


Like this.

#  location / {
#    try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;
#  }

#  location ~ \.php$ {
#    try_files $uri =404;
#    include fastcgi_params;
#    fastcgi_pass php;
#  } 

reference the php7.conf.

include common/php7.conf;

I like this better since it doesn’t require me to delete all the locations in 22222.conf


Glad it helped. Looks like you got it all figured out too. Awesome! @jwogrady



Only a year behind you. :slight_smile:


Yeah when I first got the notification in my email I was confused. Didn’t remember posting about it. Hah. Easyengine is great though. I’ve been using it since then and never an issue.