Zoo package missing

Hi there,

I typed the ee stack install --mail command on an ubuntu 18.04 server, but it stopped because of this:

E: Package 'zoo' has no installation candidate

So I looked for this missing package on the internet (officiel repositiry, ppa, .deb, git, etc.), but without success. As a result, it blocks my configuration of mails. Would anyone have an idea of where this package is hiding?

Best regards, RdH

EE won’t support email anymore. Probably that’s the reason why this bug was not discovered before.

I suggest you to look for another email solution, EEv3 is end of line and EEv4, as I said, won’t support mail stack.

Hi, thanks for your answer. This is very bad news, I was not aware. I will try to find another solution …

Best regards, RdH