Youtube videos integration


Is it possible to embedd a youtube video in rtmedia gallery by using its url ? I can do it with buddypress activity, but then it is not displayed in rtmedia gallery… Thank you

Hello @marineb,

rtMedia allows to upload the video physically but do not link videos from URL. You can post an update in BuddyPress activity using YouTube link. These links are handled by BuddyPress itself. This is not implemented with rtMedia yet.

Thank you.

Thanks @pranalipatel for your answer,

Do you know if it possible, using php or javascript, to retrieve the video data from buddypress (after having posted the link in buddypress activity), just to display it in rtmedia gallery? Or perhaps I could try to save the metadata of the url in rtmedia part of the database ?

Thanks a lot

Hello @marineb,

No, I am not sure regarding any possible custom code as of now.