Youtube & link support

It would be great that as well as attaching videos to post, linked media could be added, allowing embedding of youtube videos or link previews. RTMedia has a better gallery, but at the moment buddy press activity plus has a better activity system this is the only thing making it hard to choose between the two plugins at the moment, aside from some small themeing issues involving opening lightbox links in new tabs, and scroll bars disappearing.

100% :wink: agree with you @ryan_the_leach but it seems it’s really not planed here, isn’t?

Hi @ryan_the_leach,

As @Albert replied, this is not in the roadmap. You can get more details in the link provided by @Albert.

Thanks @Albert for helping out.

I'm a little lost here. Will you support embedding youtube videos or not? Because in your FAQ page here: you clearly state that it's on your roadmap.


@seopolis, Yes we will be supporting embedding youtube videos. It is in our roadmap but will take sometime as there are some other prior features.

Thanks for your answer and I'm glad that you have that in your "to'do" list.

If there are others like me that need this functionality quickly maybe we could team up and make a custom work order to rtmedia team. I'm willing to pay a fee for this. If anyone else is interested please reply to this post. Otherwise we have to wait..

I too would like to see this feature, in fact, it's a pre-requisite necessary prior to me purchasing rtmedia Pro, however, I'm not prepared to pay extra money for a feature that other alternatives provide for free, as rtmedia products are pretty expensive anyway.