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Hi there,
I thought this might have to do with the rtSocial plugin but looks like it isn’t.
Can you tell me the plugin that you use on this site for the social network logins please?
Was there any configuration needed to make it work with Nginx as well?
Thank you

@martin-cooney-2 – We have used our plugin rtAntiSpam ( ) along with WordPress Social Login ( ) for that.

did you need to configure any Nginx rules or config for the WP Social Login to work correctly?
Also have you got any pointers in gettign WooCommerce rules in place as well?
Sorry if this is in the wrong forum too

@martin-cooney-2 - There is no need of any special NGINX rules to set up WP Social Login.

Also if you are looking for NGINX related help, you should post on the WordPress-Nginx Support Forum. You could also check out this link->

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i am using wordpress social login but I get the endpoint not found when i try to log in. Its an issue where the session variable is not being set. I think the fast cache or nginx rules need to changed?