Your current cert already EXPIRED


I executed command below and I received return below. How can I resolve it? I want to renew my certificate.

  • command ee site update --letsencrypt=renew

  • return Your current cert already EXPIRED !


same issue here.

any help?



Can you please provide detail log.

tail -n100 /var/log/ee/ee.log



Detail log here

Thank you


This issue has been fixed with the latest version of EasyEngine .

Try updating easyengine and run the above renew command again.


Thanks Prabuddha!

I upgraded both servers that had this issue to the latest ee release, which fixed the le issue described above.

Thanks for pointing this out here as well!


Everything ok now. Thank you!


I came here with the same problem. Updating EE to the latest version fixed it for me. Thanks for the solution!


I’m on EE 3.6.1 – latest version as I write this. And I’m having this same issue. CANNOT RENEW SSL CERTIFICATE! YOUR CURRENT CERTIFICATE IS ALREADY EXPIRED.


Try to remove the certificate and then reinstall it. I did that for 2 sites that were blocked same as you and cannot renew.