XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress Not Working

Hi every one guys i am getting 404 error while using this plugin serious problem where to add this rewrite rules Please help me guys
http://www.allindiayouth.com/sitemap_index.xmlenter link description here

check this links for 404

Hi, In EasyEngine we have added support for Wordpress SEO by Yoast. If you want to write custom rules for Nginx then use following comman:

ee site edit example.com

Replace example.com with your domain.

getting this error bro

Give me output of following command:

lsb_release -a
ee version
ee info

Also which ssh client you are using to connet to server?

i personally don’t like Yoast SEO plugin because it seems (to me) to do too much. I think it would be better if ee configs didn’t bundle in support for specific plugins along with other directives that are truly common for the ee stack. the wpcommon.conf file is a perfect example. I really think that section for the yoast sitemap should be moved to a separate .conf file so people can include it or not depending on whether they are using the Yoast plugin, without affecting inclusion of the other location blocks in that file which should be common to all ee wp sites.

We are planning to do that soon. For Yoast SEO as well as other plugins. No ETA though.