Www. SSL/LetsEncrypt Error

I’ve got our site working at https://alloutdrilling.ca.

However, when you visit: https://www.alloutdrilling.ca it throws a certificate error because EasyEngine isn’t registering the subdomain www. with LetsEncrypt. How do I force EasyEngine to register both www.alloutdrilling.ca and alloutdrilling.ca when issuing the cert?

I have faced this problem, i am not sure if there is a fix for this. What i am doing is use cloudflare for DNS, add a page rule to redirect www to non-www url.

You need to define www in your DNS with a CNAME record pointing back to your main server IP, usually by using the @ symbol. Easyengine automatically creates the www to non-www redirect when the site is created. If properly configured then any user typing in the www.domain.com will be re-directed to the non-www version of the site. This is preferable.

Without going deep into it here as it is already covered many times in other threads, you really do not want a site that responds on two different domains with the same content. You will get a google penalty for that. It is always best practice to redirect to a single URL.

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