WT3 cache come installed with EasyEngine giving error

I learnt WT3 cache come installed with Fastcgi-Cache because it handles the object caching. However mine is throwing this error on been enabled.

“The plugin is currently disabled. If an option is disabled it means that either your current installation is not compatible or software installation is required”

I am new to EasyEngine and don’t understand the error.

Kindly help me.

You could just delete the w3TC plugin or activate it via your WP admin or by SSH root

ssh to your WP files: /var/www/yourdomain/htdocs

Then run: wp plugin activate w3-total-cache --allow-root


wp plugin delete w3-total-cache --allow-root

Thank you so much @ wphsmatt, it works. But now i have another issue which is changing my example.com to the production domain name. Any help will be appreciated

Your welcome! All you would need to do is:

Create a new domain name in easyengine: ee site create yournewdomain.com --wp --php7 --wpfc Then in SSH, cd to your htdocs folder on the old domain name: cd /var/www/yourold.com/htdocs Then run: zip -r wpcontent.zip wp-content

Make sure you have “Zip & unzip” installed: apt-get install zip unzip

Then run: wp db export --allow-root

Then, the easiest way to move the zip file and the SQL file you just created ( for me ) is via sFTP - just drag it from one domain/htdocs to the new domain/htdocs - you can delete the old wp-content folder on the new domain name you created above in step 1.

Once the zip file and the SQL file is in the NEW /htdocs/ directory with all the other new WP files, then run in SSH: unzip wp-content.zip

Then run: chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/yournewdomain.com/htdocs

Then run: wp db reset --allow-root ( click YES ) when prompted. Then run: wp db import databasename.sql --allow-root

You should be done!