While enabling OBJECT CACHE thru wordpress panel, the site admin gets logged out and throws the " Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page " error.

The only way i can access the admin is by creating another admin user thru database. Even after the new admin gets logged IN/OUT the same error comes back and i have to create another new admin just to access it.

Disabling the plugin fixes the problem.

Anyone knows whats wrong with this?



Access your site installation, navigate at your wp-content folder and delete the object-cache.php

Try now accessing your WordPress admin with your admin credentials go and reinstall your wp-redis cache again. You have made changes in your website with the Redis object cache enabled. Please keep in mind when you do changes on your website disable the Redis object cache to not facing a similar issue.

I hope that helps.


Nope, whenever i purge cache or clear the cache this happens.