WPRedis and GeneratePress problem

I am having problems getting a GenreatePress child-theme to run when the site is set up with --cache activated.

When I reinstalled WP afresh, only without WPRedis this time, importing the Marketer child theme was no problem and the sidebar and header/navigation worked as it’s supposed to.

However, I need to have this site cached and, as the server is already running a global redis cache server, and as there is no easy way to manually configure WPRedis post installation, I have again reinstalled the site with caching.

Even though I deactivated the caching before importing the Marketer child theme the importer throws a 400 error and the sidebar doesn’t work as its supposed to.

STATUS: GeneratePress runs fine on its own but Marketer child theme is broken when WPRedis is activated.

I reset the WordPress site again but set GeneratePress, GP Pro and the WP Redis and NginX Helper plugins to automatically reactivate post reset.

I then cleared the cache, deactivated both the WP Redis and NginX Helper plugins and reinstalled the Marketer child theme.

This time, no 400 error and the site ran perfectly from the get-go, and continued to work even once I reactivated the WP Redis and NginX Helper plugins.

Hi Terence. I get the error, 400 i think it is, when I try to import the contents of their pre-build sites. It often then works fine despite having pronounced the error. But not always, especially recently.

Will try your solution. How do you make plugins automatically reactivate post reset?

Sorry, I have only just seen your reply. The way I get the plugins to reactivate post reset is to use this WordPress reset plugin. WP Reset plugin will be reactivated plus any other chosen plugins, if that option is selected in the post-reset options.

hi Terence, thanks for this. Very helpful