Wpmu with ee not working


hello there … i already install ee, and built 3 WPMU blogs with 3 domains and everything is running normally. but after creating a blog on a subdomain blog subdomain.mydomain.com not work. after entry into the network admin dashboard, I click update> upgrade network

Network Upgrade


 Warning! Problem updating http://subdomain.mydomain.com. Your server may not be Able to connect to sites running on it. Error message: Could not resolve host 'http://subdomain.mydomain.com' 

can you help me?


Seems like DNS is not properly configured for http://subdomain.mydomain.com Cross check with http://just-ping.com


reasolve … the fault lies in my DNS settings. A record and CNAME record A record Host name -------> @ IP adress ---------> my IP server

CNAME record name -------------> * host name --------> my server hostname

after I edit DNS settings, I wait about an hour. I’ve finally WPMU active. thanks for your help


Glad to know your issue is solved :smile: