Wpmu on nginx with wpsc subsites are not working

Hello i have installed wpmu using ee.

I have also installed on my main website buddypress. I tryed creating a subsite by doing a fake registration. The registration goes well i get the emails for the website created. When i try to activate the subsite with the email i get this wont work,

I activated the newly created account with the super admin and than tryed to login, everything works ok except the subsite i created in the registration process is not working.

@Macesanu_Madalin, Can you provide some me more details,

How did you create the website i.e with WordPress subdomain or WordPress Subdirectory?

Hello i created it using the subdomain setup. I tryed doing again the setup maybe i missed omething but nothing the subsite created is not showing just a blank page.

Hello can anyone give me a hand here please??