WPFC Install : Changes to Homepage not reflected

Hello guys,

I have a very weird behavior: I’m migrating a WP site, so installed a new --WPFC install, imported the DB and move the files… then reinstalled W3TC and Nginx-Helper plugin…

All works well, except that changes made to the homepage are NEVER reflected…

  • Not as a logged-in user (e.g. I can’t preview the changes from WP as an admin)
  • Not as a visitor either
  • Tried to purge the cache with Nginx-Helper, didn’t change anything, as well as using W3TC to purge the memcached objects and DB.

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot,


Nevermind… my site had a very dumb setting enabled… nothing to do with EE actually…

Glad to know your issue has been resolved. I am closing this topic for now.

Feel free to create new topic if you have any other queries.