WPFC and WooCommerce issue - sessions being cached

Hi there,

Love Easy Engine! But there’s a big issue with WooCommerce and EE. Sessions are being incorrectly cached.

Example here http://wclightninghhvm.commercegurus.com/

Open in Browser 1 (e.g. Chrome) - add item to cart Open Browser 2 (e.g. Firefox) - Cart from Browser 1 appears

Other symptoms of an issue. In Browser 1 I attempt to update the cart to 2 items from the /cart page. The original single item remains. It won’t let me increase quantity.

Vitals: site created with this command:

ee site create wclightninghhvm.commercegurus.com --wpfc
  • (Despite the url hhvm is currently off)
  • EE V3.3.6 WP 4.3
  • WooCommerce 2.4.6
  • nginx helper 1.9.5
  • W3 Total Cache (nothing enabled except Browser cache)

no customizations made to anything.

Any ideas?

hi, colmtroy…

i suspect it’s nginx caching your cart sessions… have you tried this solution >>

i’ve had the same issues as yours, and the above solution solved it…