WP Toolbar Pushed Down on Media Page


After upgrading, my Wordpress Toolbar gets pushed down on my screen when I click my Media tab.


Check the current theme which you are using, that might be an issue.
Or you can use the rtMedia template (http://rtcamp.com/rtmedia/docs/developer/templating-system/)


It worked fine with this theme before I updated the plugin. I don’t know what you mean by “check the theme”?

I tried copying the template file, etc as per the instructions but that didn’t fix anything.


It looks l;ike it’s shoving the sidebar down below the page content too. It’s definitely some kind of template issue. It was fine before the update.


the old templates worked fine. Where can I get a copy of the old templates before the update?


@drover just copy template is not a solution, you need to modify template as per your theme to fix your issue.


I misunderstood. I thought the issue was that it wasn’t finding the templates, rather than them not working with my site.

I sincerely hope that you will accept this in the spirit of constructive criticism as it is intended.

  1. I have a number of other Activity and Profile add-on plugins working on my site with no templating issues from any of them.

  2. You had a great plugin. It worked very well. It gave a simple Buddypress site’s members robust media capabilities. Your new “updated” plugin may be more robust, but it will make it unusable to a number of those users because it requires more modding than many are able to do themselves.

  3. Your “templates” are pretty extensive. They require a great deal more expertise to modify than I (and most Wordpress users) have. And I have built dozens of Wordpress sites and have modded numerous themes, plugins, etc. People use Wordpress and Buddypress because it is simple and easy. Most users of these platforms do not have the expertise to do extensive modding to get plugins to work.

  4. In my opinion, you have fallen into the trap that many developers fall into. You think more is better. You think bigger is better. And you sacrifice usability and simplicity. This is really too bad because it forces users to use a lesser solution simply because they are able to use it.