Wp super cache with Nginx not working

I followed the tutorial given in this link https://easyengine.io/wordpress-nginx/tutorials/single-site/wp-super-cache/ to set up Wp-Super cache with Nginx but after the addition of the code I ran the command,

service nginx configtest

And I get ‘Fail’,doesn’t this mean there is some error in the configuration,I did everything as the tutorial said but I am getting the error.I don’t know where to look for the cause of the error.I am setting up my server in Digitalocean so if anyone is familiar with digitalocean set up please help.

Thank you.

try to run

sudo nginx -t

instead, it will output/print any possible errors so we can figure out what the problem is. SO run it and post what errors do you see.

On a side note, why do you want to use Super cache plugin? The built-in support for Redis cache is much better option in my opinion.