WP site will not resolve with EE install

I have installed the EE stack successfully on a clean install of Ubuntu 14.04. I then uploaded an existing (functional) WP site that is running on an older version of WP (3.5). I know that the server is working fine as are all apps. However, when I try to bring up the site I get the following:

Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

Although it shouldn’t be necessary, I added

extension = mysql.so

to the php.ini file. I also tried adding a separate php.ini file with the same aforementioned string in the htdocs folder. Neither had any effect on the problem. I have used EE and WP many times in the past and have never encountered this situation. Has anyone seen this before and, if so, were you able to resolve it?

We had this issue a few releases back because of php5 / php5.6 and php7. We had to issue purge php7 via ee purge and re-install. Somewhat of a variation on what occurred in this thread. Update ee 3.5.2 then no db connexion

I didn’t install php 7. I’m using 5.6 which is what was on the previous server from which this site was migrated and the site worked fine on that server.

An update to ee installed PHP7, we didn’t intend to have that happen. You may want to check if it did on your instance.

No, PHP7 is not installed. Also, I can’t find any php extensions even after a purge of 5.6 and a reinstall.