wp_rt_rtm_media and cover_art for videos - Bug?


In wp_rt_rtm_media the cover_art appears to be set incorrectly. This issue cropped up over the last update, I just finally was able to track down where the problem is now.

Previously, the cover_art would have an entry that says: “http://www.DOMAIN.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/movie2.jpg

For new uploads, the cover_art field is set to a number (e.g., 4753). So when I go to www.domain.com/?p=4753 it shows the image that is the screenshot as a post.

If I edit the video and select a different thumbnail, the 4753 changes in the database to a different number, the number that corresponds to the new image selected.

Is this functionality that has changed in the plugin, or is this a bug? Our custom written gallery shortcode was looking up the cover_art and using that as the image URL, and with it set to the post # now, it is erroring out our gallery with broken images with an image URL of 4753 rather than http://domain.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/movie2.jpg".

Could you please advise if this is working as intended or if this is a bug?



Hi Ben,

No it isn’t a bug. It works that way.

Check this function using which you can get cover art for the media -> https://github.com/rtCamp/rtMedia/blob/master/app/main/controllers/template/rt-template-functions.php#L1203

Perfect. Thank you Ritesh, you may close this ticket.