WP-Rocket for Caching with EE?

We have been a user of W3TC for many years, but have recently been persuaded to try WP-Rocket, as it offers a similar feature set, whilst being much easier to configure and use.

Does EE support this? Or would there be any mods necessary in order to support this plugin (instead of W3TC or Super Cache?)

Would we still use FastCGI Cache with this?

Thanks for the help.

I should add that we’re using WP Multisite with Subdomains.


Sorry to say but we never tried WP-ROCKET with ee.

I would like to support WP-Rocket too. W3TC is very old right now, there’s a bunch of plugins doing the same thing and better. We should offer options for other developers.

Hi @alexblajan,

Right now we are working on EE 3.0 which is going to be in Python.

In future we are thinking to replace W3TC with radis and Pagespeed for optimzation.

Also EE 3.0 will support plugin like architecture. So I HOPE most of the WP plugins will get supports from EE plugins

Is this a new derivative or Redis?

Of course is Redis. A typo mistake

thank you @alexblajan sometimes software have forks and renamed

Hi @nick1

It’s been a long time, and we haven’t heard from you. It looks like your issue is resolved.

I am closing this support topic for now. Feel free to create a new support topic if you have any queries further. :slight_smile:

EE 3.1 got us over to Python (Yay, I guess). EE 3.2 accommodated dotdeb changes. EE 3.3 brings experimental Full-Page Redis Cache support (why its in a release and is still considered experimental is beyond me).

Since I can’t just add a comment or question to the old (not even a year ago) thread “WP-Rocket for Caching with EE?” (http://community.easyengine.io/t/wp-rocket-for-caching-with-ee/3634), I’ll ask again, here:

When can we expect to see a WP-Rocket Cache support announcement by EE?


I opened and merged topic. Sorry for inconvenience.

We do not use WP-Rocket Cache. So any such integration has to be from community.

We are working on EE 4 (planning stage) which will make plugin management easier. In fact we are planning to implement every caching option as a EE plugin so one can copy a plugin and make changes they see fit.

As WP-Rocket is a paid plugin, we can not test it so I have no idea how it works. And we are not willing to buy a plugin when we have a caching solution which works for us.

Also, as of now, EasyEngine download plugin from wordpress.org repo and configures it. This flow has no scope for a premium plugin.

By the way, after getting amazing results with --wpredis option, we won’t be working on another caching option in near future. Did you try --wpredis .

why its in a release and is still considered experimental is beyond me

Because when last time we did not warn people enough they blamed us. So any new feature which has not been tested for long or with big enough audience will have a warning and will be marked experimental. In this case, redis cache was only tested on rtCamp and 2 client sites before making it’s way into 3.3.

Fortunately, --wpredis is working fine and has become default for all our servers, including client server.

I recommend everyone to try new redis full-page cache.

Here-in lies one of the biggest reasons I think EE struggles to build a wider, more active community of contributors and/or supporters. Building something for your own personal or business use is one thing - do it how ever you choose. However, releasing it to the community, asking for community help and then shutting down community ideas is a sure way to alienate those potential contributors and/or supporters.

While you are free to do what you want with your own product(s)/service(s), don’t complain that you can’t get wider community adoption, assistance and contribution while at the same time shooting down the ideas brought to you by the community.

Also, don’t use cost of product(s)/service(s) as THE deterring factor for not supporting it, testing it or developing around it. This goes back to our prior discussions about server environments. I’ve said this before about the Google Developers Console - I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and pay for it, for YOU (and your team)! Besides, don’t you want to know if your decision for –wpredis holds up when tested against a premium product?

@bamajr I really do not have energy to argue again. If you do not like rtCamp, feel free to fork EE. Current release is MIT license. I am really do not saying this in sarcastic way or with arrogance.

We do not need WP-Rocket. Even if it would have been free we would have avoided it. Like we do not use W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache. We will only prefer caching at nginx-level because that is what we need.

About buying Google Cloud, Premium plugins - well thanks again for your offer, but as I said last time, when we will have time to experiment, we will ping you for access to this premium stuff.

Be it our time or money, we have right to decide how we spend it. Please do not force us for a particular task.

@rahul286 please realise that the vast majority (if not everyone except @bamajr) are hugely thankful of the work your team is doing with EE. It has quickly become a fundamental part of our business and personal projects and I have the utmost faith in the direction of the project. I don’t post here that often but I just wanted to say that. Keep up the good work and don’t mistake taking the vocal minority’s opinion as truth. You guys are doing great :slight_smile:


@rahul286 Thank you for not adding 3rd-party junk to this project. I think “premium” plugins for WordPress are generally crap. I hate how commercial and spammy the community has become.

@bamajr They don’t complain that they don’t get wider community adoption. They are happy building useful tools for people who know what they’re doing. If you want to hire them for custom work, I’m sure they’re available.

WP-Rocket and other “premium” tools are bad for WordPress. People who know ■■■ they’re doing don’t use any of that junk.

Someone had to say this.

/drops mike and walks offstage


Still figuring out how i can migrate my wordpress sites to EE, if I can get a better caching i will drop my wprocket plugin

I haven’t read the whole thread. Just wanted to let you know that we use WP Rocket on all our websites powered by EE and it works like a charm!


So, in the words of @vitaligent, you must not know ■■■ your doing /thumbs down/ - Either that or you picked up the mike dropped while tripping down the stairs.

Since you have it working, would you care to share your configuration, specifically as it relates to the EE installation and the installation procedure?

I create websites with just --wp, install WP Rocket manually, done.

Offtopic, in response to vitaligent: in my opinion premium plugins are great. Paying for a plugin means that there is an actual company behind it, developing and maintaining the software.

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