Wp_Mail() Not working

Hi Guys,

Using EE Since V3 days. I dont know what is wrong. I have tried several things but still cannot get this to work. Everything about EE v4 is amazing and fast. But this is a deal breaker.

I want All my default contact forms at mydomain.com send mail to admin@mydomain.com

It shows successful in Contact form but does not deliver mail to admin@mydomain.com

https://easyengine.io/handbook/mail/ Trying this does not deliver to Mailbox either.
I found sendmail not installed somewhere. Dont remember where.

Tried everything mentioned here. No Gains. Function mail() PHP not working. I can't sending email

Tried this too No Gains. V4 logging email errors

Can any one at EE please advise me what to in simple steps. @Rahul .

This is one of the most basic features it should not be this Hard.

Great work with EE otherwise. Please dont make me go away … I love it here :wink:

Please close this topic. I was able to figure it out. Using SendGrid works so I have boycotted the mail() function of Wordpress.