Wp db export, from a second mnt disk

Short story

I want to export a wp database to .sql file from a second mounted (sdb1) disk in a 18.4 Lts instance at gcloud with ssh.

Thanks guys.

Long story,

I made all the 3 mistakes together, i didn’t take backup, backup, backup in my development and second line server. All my projects under development was there ready to be completed and delivered.

The f… instance is in google cloud, yes there, doesn’t connect with ssh. or sftp, ot serial port, nothing. Yes i have a server that i can not access. So i do another server, and mnt the disk as a second device. There of course we have other things as permitions and root user can’t see everything and…

So i see the database tables at /mnt/sdb1/var/lib/docker/volumes/mysitecom__db_data
I ve tried some things as copy directories and files here and there, nothing.
also tried ee shell mysitecom --command='wp db export’

Of course i never got why did the server crashed.

So im suffering for 6 days in a row trying figuring out, If i had backups nothing would it matter.
Of course there other instances that won’t ssh, it’s very strange and highly annoying.