Wp-cli not installing

Just tried to do a fresh install of ee three times. Each time wp-cli was unable to be installed. Now unable to create sites.

I’m having the same issue, also multiple times. I’m using easy engine on digital ocean and am getting this error

cp: cannot stat `/usr/share/wp-cil/vendor/wp-cli/wp-cli/utils/wp-completion.bash No such file or directory /usr/local/lib/easyengine/vendor/ee_ven_install_wpcli.sh: line 20: /ect/bash_completion.d/wp-completion.bash: No such file or directory

if i had to guess it’s because it is accessing the same subfolder twice


please advise how to fix or please fix it thank you

I love easy engine

Ditto on this. Same issue - VPS is on DigitalOcean.

Hello @All,

The wp-cli issue is fixed in EasyEngine v2.0.1

Please refer this: https://github.com/rtCamp/easyengine/issues/289#issuecomment-49585525

@hmiteshshah Thank you for the speedy fix - just awesome! :slight_smile: