Wp-cli not a Wordpress install


I am running easyengine very suceessfully - it’s a great product.

I am building some scripts for updates etc, but am struggling to make wp-cli work: I keep getting the error "This does not seem to be a Wordpress install".

I am running as user www-data, with command: wp update plugins -p /var/www/projects.aegisprojects.co.nz/htdocs --all

What am I doing wrong?


ee site cd projects.aegisprojects.co.nz
cd htdocs
wp plugin update --all
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Thank you janiosarmento

This also doesn’t quite work if I am logged in as root. I have discovered that --allow-root seems ok, but there is a reason for the warning “Error: Yikes! It looks like you’re running this as root…

So I found the solution:

  • su www-data
  • change the syntax to your corrected version wp plugin update -p htdocs/folder --all
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