Working on BuddyPress Mobile

We have been waiting for a while already for update, so that BuddyPress Medial will work with Buddy PressMobile. One of your developers posted that it should be fixed in version 17, which he promised will be out a few weeks ago. Is it coming any soon? We are debating if we should buy your add ons or no.


If it is the plugin you are talking about, there is no question of supporting it. However, if you are talking about out of the box mobile support, at this moment, BuddyPress Media has two pain points.

Plupload, we've tested with multiple OSes but users have reported otherwise. It seems nothing except the default file input is the only safe bet on the mobile. So, we've factored that in rtMedia.

The other is the lightbox. In rtMedia, we've solved that by breaking out into our own template system that'll let us use a responsive lightbox or let you plug in your own lightbox.

Roadmaps change with time, often drastically. However, they change only in response to user demands. BuddyPress Media started off as a member photo gallery and sharing solution and we worked around it to extend it and add more features.

rtMedia is a media manager for a community based off WordPress (with or without BuddyPress and bbPress). The difference is huge and we are progressing well. We ditched launching a beta in favour of launching the final version by next week. Everytime we have tested our user's patience, we've come out with more than we have promised.



We have added some mobile support natively in rtMedia 3.

If you are using a responsive buddypress/wordpress theme, you shouldn't face any problem.

We are closing this support request for now. If you face any new issues with new rtMedia, please let us know.