Words at the top of my screen

Hello, I was having an issue with the Permalinks. Once I got them working properly, I am seeing these words on my website in the top left corner - see this screenshot - http://awesomescreenshot.com/09425oqb67. I am using Buddypress and the only time I see this is when I click the Media tab on a profile. I also keep having to refresh the Permalinks because occasionally I get a 404 Page not found. When I go and refresh again, this Media page will come up.

Those words are title for the page. It may be a theme issue. Try activating WordPress default theme and deactivate other plugins and check if the issue fixed or not.

Regarding 404 Page not found, can you give some more detail about that.

I am using a child theme for the Genesis Framework. So that could be the issue but I need to resolve it some how. The 404 happens when I change any of the RTCamp settings. When I refresh the screen I get a 404. When I go back to Permalinks and save - then go back to the Media tab and click it, it will work. Everytime I change a setting in the plugin, I have to re-save the permalinks for the tab to work.

@anitac, the permalink issue has been fixed and will be updated in next release.