WordPress - Site Health Status

With the latest release of WordPress there is a new site health check built in. Even on a new EE install a site is presented with the below errors out of the box. Will the next release of EE be including the latest PHP and the modules so that our sites run optimally?

We recommend that you update PHP

One or more recommended modules are missing

  • Warning The optional module, bcmath, is not installed, or has been disabled.
  • Warning The optional module, exif, is not installed, or has been disabled.
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same here

My WordPress image has all the PHP extensions installed based on the recommendations from https://github.com/johnbillion/ext. EE team should install these by default.

how to fix this warnings

I don’t see how both of the modules would be useful. bcmath: Doing math where? I don’t understand.
How is that useful?

Some plugins requires it.

Besides what @cim said, it is a recommendation from WordPress, EE is all about setting up a server to optimize WordPress as much as possible and yet it lacks two PHP modules that WordPress says you should be using. Enough said.

I think math calculations are mostly for the backend. Like statistics for something about something.
exif – Works with metadata stored in images… meaning that your images metadata would be invisible or?

Does any weight comes from installing more modules? Bad for performance,or it doesn’t matter?

Doesn’t make a difference when you have fastcgi cache.