WordPress plugin settings when using Redis & nginx FastCGI together

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using EE for a little over a week now. Really loving it. I tried several lemp stacks, and after spending days optimizing every little thing in the other stacks, EasyEngine still came out on top in terms of ttfb, full load time, the scope of the files that are cached, and a whole lot more. And that’s just after installing and spending ~2 hours optimizing a few things. After modifying my wordpress theme and my plugins a little bit, i’m now getting 99% on GtMetrix and Google Pagespeed.

I especially loved how after I set up redis and fastcgi, the config files automatically included scripts to stop caching when an item is added to the basket.

I’m running 7.0-fpm, and I’ve got Redis & FastCGI installed and running. I’ve assigned a healthy amount of RAM to each cache and I’ve followed the tutorials to optimize everything further.

I just wanted to confirm the settings for the nginx-helper and Redis Object Cache plugins. The redis plugin is connected and configured. But when it comes to the nginx-helper plugin, do I set the cache method as Redis or FastCGI?

I’ve got it set to FastCGI because I’ve installed Redis independently, so they’re both running on my system (I installed easy engine using --wpfc and then installed redis separately). I’m assuming my settings are correct given my installation method, but please let me know if there’s something I didn’t take into account.

Looking at my headers, nginx-cache is working perfectly. Browsing through my Redis cache via the GUI, that is working perfectly too.

Thanks again, I’m excited to see where EasyEngine heads in the future. Thanks to EE I’ve improved my web servers by massive amounts, and reduced my server costs to 25% of what they used to be.

I’m not sure using Redis and FastCGI will give you any advantage. I’m not even sure you really can use both together effectively. Aren’t them suppose to cache the same things?

I personally use --wpredis which in my experience gives a better performance than --wpfc.

Yeah they do the same thing, Redis seems to be a bit more challenging to get real-time caching to cache the correct pages. I know FastCGI caches the user side instantly to any changes that occur to the page. The admin side you still need to manually cache changes before the CSS modifications will take effect. My conclusion is possibly running a cron job to. ee clean? Does anyone know if ee clean command will clean the entire site including CSS?