Wordpress Nginx first use - no graphical/visual interface


I’m trying to run Wordpress on my own server in a docker environment with Nginx as webserver. I’m already able to reach Wordpress over my domain https://www.example.com and I did the install.php.

But something is still wrong, because if I try to open the site, I can’t receive the graphical interface of Wordpress. I just get Text-Information to login, looking like an very old website:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-17 um 09.44.05

I’ve found out, that the website-adress and the Wordpress-adress is shown as http://www.example.com in the Wordpress settings. If I try to change it to https, I will no longer be able to login and I receive “403 Error” in my browser.

So does anybody know the problem or the reason, where it comes from.

I’m a very newbie in stuff like this an in the last weeks I already learned a lot about web-server and Wordpress. I tried to fix the problem on my own, but I could find no solution.

So I would be very grateful about every kind of help an advices. Thanks in advance.
Best regards - Daniel

Are you using EasyEngine to create your site? Or are you just asking a general question about Nginx and Wordpress on Docker? I have built out hundreds of sites with EE over the years and have never seen this before. Not saying it can’t happen? But this is an unusual situation you present.

thanks for your response. The way I’m trying to use Nginx and Wordpress is described on the smarthomebeginner Blog and the tutorial there again is related to EasyEngine.

I searched several day to find a solution for the above described problem. I’m truly not a professional in these stuff, but I guess the reason for the error was grounded in a redirect-problem (301, http/https, ssl certificate), caused by the Cloudflare DNS-Services, wich I’m using.

I solved the problem by installing the Flexible SSL for CloudFlare plugin. With this plugin so called redirect-loop problems will be solved. For me Wordpress is now working. If someone knows an other solution, I would be interested to hear about it.

Best regards - Daniel

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