Wordpress Multisite, Subdomain Didn't Work


I’ve been successfully installing EasyEngine on my vps and trying to install wordpress multisite with easy engine command. I’ve pointed domain to my vps ip address and could be accessed. But, the problem is when trying to create new site on multisite (subdomain). I’m trying to access it but the subdomain couldn’t be accessed. Am i need to create new record for wildcard subdomain? I’m sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:


I had the question…
Does this solution help:

I think my question is about subdomain can’t be accessed. Example:
Multisite Domain: xxx.com
Subdomain on Muiltisite: a.xxx.com <- This can’t be accessed. Am i need to create wildcard records for subdomain? If yes, where i’m supposed to do?

This answer is correct, the link above will solve a.xxx.com

This is exactly what I did and it resolved the issue: Follow the instructions here and it will add subdomains to you multisite!


You need to create a wildcard DNS record for *.xxx.com pointing to you server.

Then only anything.xxx.com will work.

Well, i’m aware of that. But, the problem is am i need create records on domain panel or config file? If in config file, where is it?

If you have created subdomain multisite using EasyEngine, you don’t need to do anything else apart from a wildcard DNS record.

Don’t forget your domain mapping plugin too… lemme know if you need a copy of this!

Domain mapping is not always required. Not every multisite uses domain-mapping.

Also for domain-mapping apart from wildcard DNS, you will need a dedicated IP and few more changes to nginx config. See - https://github.com/rtCamp/easyengine/issues/175

Domain mapping is not always required. Not every multisite uses domain-mapping.

This sounds interesting, could explain how this is easily done without a mapping plugin. It would be nice to not be always dependant on a plugin

I think you are confusion domain mapping with subdomains.

Following are subdomains and can work with wildcard DNS alone:


When you want to map external domains to subdomain wordpress sites in network like below, you need domain mapping plugin.

mydomian.com => foo.example.com
yourdomian.com => bar.example.com

You are correct Rahul… this how I currently work. We had a language misunderstanding

Thanks for confirmation. :slight_smile:

I’ve knew how to solve this, so thanks for all helps.

Add Wildcard Domain and Point to Server IP