Wordpress is already setup. Can I use EasyEngine?

I followed this guide to setup Wordpress. Stack is Ubuntu 16.04, nginx, mariadb, hhvm, php, wordpress.

I want to set up (I think) a multisite/subdomain/domain mapping* server where “x.example.com, y.example.com, etc” and “x.elpmaxe.org, y.elpmaxe.org, etc” are hosted on the same server.

I’ve done a few days of googling around and I keep finding tutorials that I’m not sure apply to me.

A few questions:

Can I install ee at this point and use it to manage/setup the kind of server I’m talking about?

If not: which part of the stack mentioned above to I edit? Do I setup wordpress to make changes all by itself and only configure everything from there? Do I have to edit the nginx configs only? Both?

I suppose this boils down to “who is in control and how do I manipulate them?”.

Any help or links to other resources are greatly appreciated!

*just realized that domain mapping will be necessary.

Hey! Any mods out there? Feel free to delete this. I just started over and used easyengine from the get-go instead.


Starting fresh is the correct way to setup EasyEngine for most cases. By starting fresh you will get the least amount of problems.