Wordpress install


Hi community,

For some reason I cannot get the wp install to work. I use the correct command for installing a wp site on a domain, and it definitely says succesfully installed. However when I browse to my site I get a standard markup from my hoster that no site has been uploaded yet. Also nothing when visiting domain.com/wp-admin

Im using digital ocean and yourhosting. Maybe I did something wrong with the linking name servers.

Can anyone help?

Command used:


In my DNS setting hoster contain the 3 nameservers of digital ocean. In the networking settings of digital oceans I set up the domain name and the IP address of the droplet.



Show us your DNS and Networking settings.


… [deleted]


Your site shows up just fine for me: http://goudenballen.nl/


Huh Im seeing this… Also /wp-admin gets me redirected to shown page

Edit: just checked it on my phone and there I’m seeing the correct wp site now. Deleted my cookies and browsing but still getting the wrong page on my computer

Edit2: Restarted computer and got the correct page showing!