Wordpress in Sub-Folder V4

Hi All

How can we install WP into a sub folder?

for example. foo.com (already exists) then have a separate install at foo.com/shop (WP with Woo).

Or does my site need to be upgraded to Multisite?

It seems more common to setup a separate WordPress site on a sub-domain vs a sub-folder. Nowadays you typically see something like shop.foo.com. Setting up a sub-domain is easy enough to do by simply creating a new site.

sudo ee site create shop.foo.com --type=wp

I am not entirely sure how you would set up a separate WordPress site as a sub-folder of another. For the sake of curiosity, why would you be setting up a shop separate of the main site?

@Code_Bear, thanks for your response. Yes, I know I can setup with a sub-domain. But then the site gets treated as an entire new site. (Which is fine I suppose). However, there are SEO benefits to having it installed in a sub-folder rather than a sub-domain. (Truth be told, I have not done 100% research on it yet - I first wanted to see if its possible with easy engine).

The original site is already large and from a management perspective It would make more sense to separate the shop from the site.

I don’t want to integrate the shop into the site as I love the way EEv4 manages WP now, with its own dockers. The performance is crazy! So it would also make more sense (for me) to have the shop in its own containers. (But then I could just go the sub-domain route).

Personally I feel that having the shop at foo.com/shop feels more like the shop belongs to the site. Rather than shop.foo.com. (However this could just be in my head, as in from a technical view point as I know that a sub domain is technically a different site).

What do you think would be better from a site management and user point of view?