WordPress 4.0 Update broke my media upload/links!

Just upgraded to Wordpress 4.0 and now the media links don’t work from the member’s profiles. This is a brand new site with very little content or customizing. When the Albums or Photos (the only media that is allowed), I just get a blank page. The site URL is: www.strongerphotos.com

I really appreciate any help and thank you in advance!

Hi Carrie,

Please try re-saving permalinks. That might help.

I’m afraid that didn’t help. The member galleries are the most important element for the site, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to find another plug-in if there isn’t a solution to this problem.

Hi Carie,

Check again with WordPress default theme and with other plugins disabled. I don’t think it’s rtMedia issue. Our demo site -> http://demo.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/ is running with latest version of WordPress, you can check there.

Thank you riteshpatel, I switched to TwentyFourteen and the media links work again, but when I switch to TwentyThirteen, they do not and I get an error (page not found) when I click on the media links. :frowning:

@CArRiE Please try to save permalink again. The “page not found” issue is mostly related to permalink. Whenever we change theme and/or install plugins, may face such issues.

Thanks, –Nitun

I tossed the theme that was giving me troubles and replaced it with KLEO and all is fine. Thank you!