WooCommerce Search Not Working


Hi folks,

I’m hoping someone can help me out with this as it has me completely lost. I recently moved my site to a VPS and it done it via EasyEngine. The site is running WooCommerce but for the life of me I cannot get the search function to work on the front end. Is there anything specific I need to do to get it working with EasyEngine?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


What makes you think it’s related to EE? Did the search worked before you moved to site to EE? Usually it’s a sign of a conflict between some plugins/themes.


Hi Tyrro,

Yes it worked fine before moving to EE and works fine on my staging environment too.



OK, can you post output of this command:

sudo ee site edit yourdomain.com



server {

server_name mastershelf.co.uk   www.mastershelf.co.uk;

access_log /var/log/nginx/mastershelf.co.uk.access.log rt_cache;
error_log /var/log/nginx/mastershelf.co.uk.error.log;

root /var/www/mastershelf.co.uk/htdocs;

index index.php index.html index.htm;

include common/w3tc.conf;

include common/wpcommon.conf;
include common/locations.conf;
include /var/www/mastershelf.co.uk/conf/nginx/*.conf;



It looks like you’re using W3TC cache plugin, have you tried disabling it and see if it fixes the issue?


Hi Tyrro,

Yeah I deactivated but still no luck.



Make sure you clear browser cache or try a different browser to see if it makes a difference. What’s your domain name I’ll check on my end as well.


Hi Tyrro,

I have already done that. It’s strange the default search works but the woocommerce one doesn’t. The domain is mastershelf.co.uk


What do you mean ‘default’ and woocommerce. I see one in your header and another in the left sidebar, both by searing e.g. ‘cube’ return this url: http://mastershelf.co.uk/?s=shelf with same amount of results. So I’m confused what is not working for you?


Hi Tyrro,

I mean the search bar is the default WordPress search not woocommerce. With Woocommerce it should add the parameter post_type=product which would show them like on the category page but it doesn’t show any results.

I appreciate the help


Try to comment this line out.

I’m familiar with Flatsome theme you’re using and I don’t have any issues running it on EE but I’m using Redis cache not W3TC though. Here’s my link: https://projectswatches.com/

BTW, why are you not using SSL/HTTPS yet? Are you offering PayPal payment option only?


Nope still no luck. I will be implementing SSL as soon as I get this sorted


It’s hard to tell w/o looking deeper. There’s another weird behavior I noticed now, I cannot navigate to your Home page instead it initiates a download of ‘download’ page. It’s happening in Firefox, Chrome and Safari. This should not be happening. Is it b/c you disabled that w3tc line or plugin?


Try to re-save your permalinks, and change your blog permalinks structure from Plain to Custom, e.g: