Woocommerce + redis + hhvm: caching issues


I just finished setting up a fresh HHVM + REDIS installation. Was super easy and works much better out-of-the box then when I used fcgi caching. I have tested updating content and cache was purged directly. Also tested with different browsers, to see if a cached page was served to browser B when visited before on browser A. All worked just fine.

Also loving the speed! Without caching the TTFB is around 80ms. Cached its about 30ms. Happy camper!

But… :slight_smile: Im having caching issues when using woocommerce. Here I found some info concerning fcgi caching:

Anybody knows how to properly config the REDIS setup? And does anyone know if the redis caching support block caching? i.e. caching everything but the cart DIV on a page?

OK, I found this post: Woocommerce and redis cache method

But why turn cache off for all pages, when product in cart? I have tested without that line, and it seems to work just fine. the cart widget is not cached. it is updated by ajax/js it seems.

After all, you would want to have caching for most pages, except the cart/checkout etc. that i understand.