Woocommerce - Order Confirmation Page Not Loading on Mobile browsers only

Hi This happened after I configured nginx for woocommerce as per the following URL

We setup the server using

ee site create example.com --wpsubdir --wpfc

I am having this issue specifically on mobile Chrome and mobile Firefox(Android 5.1). On the checkout page, the “Place Order” submits and displays the same checkout page. The order has been received on the back-end successfully though. Additionally, the My Account page thereafter shows “session ended error”.

  • Woo =ver 2.5.5,

  • WP = ver 4.5.1,

  • theme = tried on both twenty sixteen.Theme X

  • Multisite

  • Nginx, configured to not cache /cart/, /checkout/ pages

This problem is NOT seen in desktop versions of browsers, where it works as expected.

Can you pls point me in the direction of possible solution? Unable to see any clues why this is happening only on mobile browser.

Thanks in advance

Now getting the following error message on the browser in current testing…

Sorry, your session has expired.”

But, the email confirming the order is being sent, and Woocommerce continues to record the order in the back-end!