Woo commerce or Magneto

HI Im quite Fed up with woo commerce although I never used magneto but from reading a liitle about it I mean it has every single feature for free and if you start looking for that feature than there is a price even basic things like review pay for extended feature magneto look way better it looks the perfect package for me with out needing any extension is there anything i should know befor using it

Hello, Magento provide more features than Woocommerce, but the main difference isn’t the plugins usage, but more the size of your store. Because Magento require a lot of resources compared to Woocommerce, isn’t very easy to setup, but provide the ability to host easily 50 stores with 50K products for each store.

And, you may also have to purchase some plugins depending on your needs with Magento. Prestashop and OpenCart are also good alternative to Woocommerce, and provide the ability to create a store without additional plugins.

Prestashop sucks they have same problem Very expensive Plugin even for simple work and Opencart doesn’t meet requirements i think im good with Maagento Its a little hard but Just need a theme and few plugin for payment gate and im good to go