Woo commerce and fastcgi setup from EasyEngine

Hi, For the last 2 days, I have been struggling to make the cart page work correctly within WooCommerce (Wordpress plugin). I have a site made with EE (–wpfc).

I followed this post to set up the FastCGI cache to skip woo commerce related pages and all checks out OK.

Here is the problem. I’m testing the cart page from 2 different PCs to see if cache/cookies get mixed up between machines. In PC-1, I add an item to the cart and the cart shows 1 item correctly in PC-1 as expected. When I flip to PC-2 and I simply refresh the cart page, I see that 1 item added from PC-1. Similarly when I add items to cart in PC-2, it gets reflected in PC-1.

This tells me that the FastCGI must be caching the cart page or cookie that woo commerce sets up in PC-1.

Here is my setup: NGINX with FastCGI cache - that’s it. No W3 Total Cache plugin. Still localhost site (not live yet).

Let me know how to fix this cart sharing issue in the FastCGI setup?

Thanks for your help, JK