Wonderful plugin! However, three issues need to be fixed ASAP

  1. The facebook counts are not correct (see attached example of the jetpack default sharing counts vs the rtSocial plugin’s much lower counts)
  1. The count numbers are all different colors; the twitter blue number is especially distracting. A more consistent style would be appreciated. I could override the styles with CSS but future versions of the plugin might break this hack…
  2. The WordPress admin warns that the plugin has not been tested in the newest versions of WordPress
  3. The biggest problem is that the social buttons and counts do not show up on any page except for the home page (all posts excerpts); we would need it to show up on the category pages and especially single posts.

Thank you. If these problems can be fixed, I will use them on many of the sites I develop! Please let me know.

@Amy Miller,

Sorry for late reply.

  1. We will check about Facebook count. Its working fine on our demo http://demo.rtcamp.com/rtsocial/.
  2. We used the default style for social icons and counter. If you want, you can override the style by placing CSS in your theme style.css file.
  3. Its working fine with latest WP version as well. No issue.
  4. If you are using the manual code to place in your theme, make sure it places in all templates where you want to display it.