Woke up this morning - "Wecome to nginx" page - site disappeared

As the title says, I woke up this morning and 2 out of the 3 sites I host on my EE VPS have the “Welcome to nginx page displayed” and all other pages (wp-admin) etc are 404. I have:

  • run system and ee updates
  • restart VPS
  • checked files for sites - they are all still on server
  • checked sites-enabled - all configs look OK
  • check file permissions
  • run ee site disable and enable commands
  • checked nginx error logs - nothing
  • site update command to another type (ie add or remove cache) does nothing
  • no errors are being shown anywhere when running all these commands

I have not changed anything or have any reason to believe anything has been hacked etc. 1 site of the 3 I host still works fine. I am not doing any multisite stuff.

Nothing works! Any ideas? They data is still there it looks like thankfully.

OK, this is very strange!

I have tried using a VPN and also accessing the page view sites like pingdom and they all report it is up. I can use the site fine with a VPN and just updated some posts.

I am in an AirBnB and maybe the IP of my host is someone banned by the server??