Wildcard ssl not working

I am having a miserable time trying to get setup with v4. wordpress mail isnt working, php mail is. Cannot validate wildcard ssl.

The eev4 and my laptop can see my added txt record to cloudflare but when I run the next suggested command

Failed to verify SSL: Can not validate challenge for domain *.example.com

Do I need a wildcard a record?

Has anyone forked v3? I just want http2 working again on my v3 server. v4 is too much. I could have just manually installed everything in this amount of time. my head is spinning and I have very little idea of moving parts.

I can’t work on it anymore today. Any advice is welcomed…



I am not sure if you are still having this issue. I had the same issue with the wildcard SSL so I decided to just use a regular SSL certificate. Is there a reason you are using wildcard SSL?

If there is not a required use case, I would recommend requesting a regular SSL certificate. When I used wildcard SSL I was having redirect issues.

Thank you

WordOps is a forked version of V3 with stable development progress. I think Virtubox joined their dev team as well. They’ve got a community forum and Slack server if you need to discuss any questions. As far as I remember all the commands remain the same as they were in v3 so it’s not like learning anything completely new.