Widgetized hooks

Hi, I spent a few hours widgetizing every single of rtPanels hooks and I figured I'd share the code so no one else will ever have to go through that kind of boredom and repetition. Anyway, I'm pretty sure my brain has melted into a grey oatmeal-like substance so there are probably a few mistakes in the code and I haven't tested all widget areas - I figured posting the code here might clear out a few mistakes.

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Hi, We have a plugin by the name rtPanel Hooks Editor that does the same thing except does not widgetize the hooks but gives separate options for that.

Yes I know but having them as widgets makes it easier and means it can be used in conjunction with one of the many plugins that allow you to only display widgets under certain circumstances instead of having to write if statements all the time. Purists will probably prefer the Hooks Editor :)

Thanks for sharing the code by the way. It could help someone looking for a similar use. :)

You should try releasing it on the WordPress repo -> http://wordpress.org/plugins/add/

No problem. Thanks for the tip. I'll look into it :)