Hi, I have 2 questions about the widget. I have chosen to display only pictures therefore, would like to know how I can get rid of the "tab" display that says "photos" please.

And, I'd like to know how I can set for the pictures to be displayed randomly, rather than by most recent or alphabetical please?

Many thanks



The media tabs which are displayed on the profile/groups page; have been re-factored in our coming release of rtMedia 3.0. Though the tab will remain there to indicate what kind of media is being listed on the page.

The quickest solution would be to hide the DOM element of the media tab with CSS; unless you would like to extend the widget and modify the code according to your need.

We have a plan to incorporate the media sorting in random order in our future releases of rtMedia 3.0. Till now you can check the progress of code at : rtMedia and test it if you would like. Though this is not the complete plugin and does not guarantee to work with full-fledged functionality. You may feed us with any comments/suggestions.




A word of caution: If you're planning to test the new plugin rtMedia 3.0 then make sure that you take the database backup of your website first then only you proceed. This plugin is not fully complete yet and is not supposed to be installed on production/live environment.