Wider layout


I recently stumbled across rtCamp and love it but I am limited because of the narrow width. Are there any plans to increase the max-width of the layout. 960 pixels is great for a blog but since WordPress is being used more and more as a CMS and with 1024x768 use decreasing rapidly I am finding more demand for wider layouts.

Ideally I would like to see a 1200 max-width version with media queries to handle 1024px. I have been poking around with it when I can but do not have enough spare time to do it justice. Any advice would be appreciated. Again, you have an awesome framework and really would like to incorporate it more into my projects. Thanks.


Hello CedarPointConcepts,
Currently rtPanel is using 960gs grid system with 12 column layout. 960px is a width that is suited for the wide number of platforms on which we browse the web. It essentially allows for a 1024px wide monitor to show the site accurately and without horizontal scrolling, accounting for the width of the browser chrome, scrollbars, and a bit of padding for legibility.

If your requirement is 1024px layout, then it is pretty easy to change the grid widths in rtPanel styles. I recommend you to use rtPanel child theme and overwrite the grids width as per your requirement. you can generate the custom grids here http://grids.heroku.com/

Feel free to ask any other queries.