Why wpfc is installing w3 total cache as well?


I am using this command to install wordpress:

To install easyengine: wget -qO ee rt.cx/ee && sudo bash ee

To install HHVM and wpfc ee site create --wpfc --hhvm

According to link here, wpfc refer to “install wordpress + nginx fastcgi_cache” Reference here http://docs.rtcamp.com/easyengine/commands/site/create/

However, I notice that the command is still installing w3 total cache, and at the end of the prompt, it has instructions to config w3 total cache

Is there anything wrong? Or I missed?

It’s because W3 Total Cache is used to configure memcache. You can leave most other settings off.

Thank you

Hello @emike

I hope your query is resolved. I am closing this support topic for now.

Feel free to create a new support topic if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: