Why the maximum of 25 sites per server on v4


First I would like to congratulate and thank the team working on both versions of easyengine.

I am wondering what logic is behind the decision to limit the number of sites per server to 25 and if there is an easy way to override this limit?

Thanks and all best, Greg


Thank you @gregorgresak for the encouraging words.

As for the answer to your question please take a look at this - Limit on number of EE sites


Thanks for the fast answer!

The ironic thing is, I switched years ago from multisite to easyengine to escape the buggy and unpredictable multisite, so I am not going down that path again :slight_smile:


This 25 site limit is a huge issue for me. What is the point of having container isolation if we can’t have enough containers to keep the sites separate? This is a huge waste of time until this limit is removed.


This limitation sucks…


This appears to be a Docker limitation rather than ee v4 (as per Mriyam’s link above) for which they do have a planned patch - although this is months away apparently.

So if it is a show stopper then maybe consider the ee v3 fork (https://wordops.org/) meanwhile as this doesn’t have that site limitation, and you can still upgrade to v4 later.


Just my two cents, but I see the Docker limitation as not necessarily a bad thing.

From an infrastructure point of the view, the whole point of the cloud is to scale horizontally, not vertically. What that means is that it’s more efficient to have four 2 GB servers with 15 websites than to have one 8 GB server with 60 sites.

This helps with scaling where one site may increase in traffic and affects neighbors on the same host.

Also helps to prevent a single point of failure in which your 8 GB server goes down and takes 60 sites with it.

It also helps to plan for growth by keeping servers at about 75% maximum planned capacity (75% when ALL sites have a constantly high load - Disk, CPU, RAM and so on).

MariaDB and Redis both take up memory, so overloading a single server with many sites will lead to bad things. On that note, Docker’s limit in EE4 helps to push users towards using a separate server for their database, which again is good practice after a certain number of sites, and even towards more advanced concepts such as load balancing.

However, it’s really up to the user to add as many sites as they want to their own server, and feature requests are feature requests at the end of the day.

AFAIK it’s possible to increase the number of networks by manually controlling the subnet creation, using conservative values etc. within Docker’s private IP range within Compose. Might be one approach that EE takes in a future update.


Just a note: the EE v3 to v4 upgrade script we provide may not work for WordOps > EE V4 upgrade.

We recommend using WordOps if you don’t like Docker and love v3 so much that wish to stay with v3 forever.

The Docker limit is something we might be able to remove sooner. Patch is ready. The blocker is “lack of insights” into consequences.

Besides, I agree with @pramdeo’s answer in this thread:

EasyEngine is designed with VPS provider such as DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS on the mind. You can add/remove VPS without paying for unused portions that is a typical case in monthly contracts.

If we can find out a way to “support a patch”, without rewriting much of core codebase, we will definitely provide “increase limit” as an option. It’s unlikely we will make if default before March 2019.


I would stick with EEv3 over WordOps for now because WordOps’ installation is missing Lets Encrypt.

I can confirm this on both new install and migration from EEv3 => wo



Sad day in history of everything.


Btw folks we are working on removing this limit and PRs are already created for it :partying_face:. If everything goes as planned then it might get merged before next release​:crossed_fingers:-


Awesome! I’ve migrated individual dev sandboxes to MU subdomains to clear up some space. Thanks guys for the hard work!