Why the maximum of 25 sites per server on v4


First I would like to congratulate and thank the team working on both versions of easyengine.

I am wondering what logic is behind the decision to limit the number of sites per server to 25 and if there is an easy way to override this limit?

Thanks and all best, Greg


Thank you @gregorgresak for the encouraging words.

As for the answer to your question please take a look at this - Limit on number of EE sites


Thanks for the fast answer!

The ironic thing is, I switched years ago from multisite to easyengine to escape the buggy and unpredictable multisite, so I am not going down that path again :slight_smile:


This 25 site limit is a huge issue for me. What is the point of having container isolation if we can’t have enough containers to keep the sites separate? This is a huge waste of time until this limit is removed.


This limitation sucks…


This appears to be a Docker limitation rather than ee v4 (as per Mriyam’s link above) for which they do have a planned patch - although this is months away apparently.

So if it is a show stopper then maybe consider the ee v3 fork (https://wordops.org/) meanwhile as this doesn’t have that site limitation, and you can still upgrade to v4 later.