Why isn't everyone using Redis?

Full disclosure – I’m still learning sysadmin stuff.

I’ve been tinkering with different systems, setups, the whole 9 yards. EE, ServerPilot, RunCloud, doing my own installs, you name it. I always find myself going back to EE and seeing how far I can push it’s limit.

Of course, with that, I’ve tried Nginx caching, memcache, basic page caching but honestly until today I never bothered with Redis.

So today I setup my first test environment using Redis on a $5 Vultr (1gb of ram 1 core).

Now, Blitz.io is no longer a thing (unless I’m looking at the wrong site lol) so I’ve been running tests using Loader.io.

Again, I’m new to testing the environment so I’m more or less “guessing” at what to setup, and what to do.

Now other configurations I’ve tested did well enough but they almost always crashed as I pushed their limits more and more.

I tested the Redis setup and was able to throw 5000 clients / second at it with 27% error rate. This was after testing 250, 1000, and 2000 clients / second.

I’m really here to ask if I’m doing something wrong or is Redis really that good at handling the system?

I have a dedicated box with 32GB of ram as my production server and now I’m seriously thinking of switching to Redis.

Any experience? Worries? Concerns? Fallbacks?

Switch to REDIS and be happy.

I don’t use any other cache engine since several months ago, I can’t even tell how long.

Nice to know. I always choose fastcgi, but after your post I am testing Redis for the first time.